Phyllis Chapell & SIORA

 Phyllis Chapell & SIORA

SIORA at Paris Bistro

Phyllis Chapell & SIORA features the dynamic presence of vocalist/guitarist Phyllis Chapell, named one of the top 500 jazz vocalists of all time by Scott Yanow (Downbeat/JazzTimes).

Rounding out the ensemble are Dave Posmontier on
Phyllis Chapell and Dave Posmontier (on keys) with SIORA
at The Michener Museum

the keys — 
who is one of the most sought-after piano players in the region — and an array of bass players and drummers. 

"Theater Nite" with SIORA at Meadowood - just one of the many
fine retirement communities that have enjoyed their music.

Their repertoire draws from many of the great music traditions of the world — Brazil and Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, as well as the USA — and they add to the mix some award-winning provocative original compositions.

"Theater Nite" at Meadowood

"Summer Magic" by Phyllis Chapell

SIORA at South _ Philadelphia's premier jazz club

“Blending world music and contemporary jazz into a soundscape that needs no translation, Phyllis Chapell & SIORA take you on a journey of the soul, touching down in Rio, Paris, Mazer-e-Sharif and points beyond.”
(Straight No Chaser, UK)

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