Whirled Music Celebrates Hanukkah!

 Whirled Music Celebrates Hanukkah!

Whirled Music

Ken Ulansey (woodwinds) and Phyllis Chapell (vocals and guitar) have been blending their instruments and voices together for over 15 years, recording in each other’s many projects, mixing influences, and broadening each other’s musical outlooks. 

Together they draw from traditions as diverse as the Middle East, Europe, Brazil and Latin America, Asia and, of course, the American songbook. Their travels through most of these cultures lend a rare authenticity to their music. 

Their Jewish music program is diverse, including songs in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino… with colorful personal and historical backgrounds to provide context and (hopefully) excitement! 

Phyllis Chapell has won awards for her original music and has been named one of the top 500 jazz vocalists of all time. 

Ken Ulansey is a Penn Council of the Arts winner, and leads his own party band (Philadelphia Magazine Best of Philly!).

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