Ted Jordan - Solo Artist

A resonant, soothing baritone,
expert finger-picking guitar
and four-string banjo player
performing Standards, Blues and Folk

Ted Jordan has been a performer since the late fifties, starting in his native Jackson, Mississippi and working his way to clubs, concerts and festivals in Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and the Northeast. He has a “full set” of recordings - a vinyl album, a cassette tape and a CD.

Ted has performed with Jerry-Jeff Walker, twice for Sylvia Tyson's "Touch the Earth" national CBC radio show in Canada, once for Vic Mullen's "Country Roads" CBC national radio show in Canada, opened for Leon Redbone at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax Nova Scotia, has jammed with Freddie King and Michael Martin Murphey and John Knowles (now Deputy Director of the Country Music Hall Of Fame).  He has played with Mance Lipscomb , Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Mickey Raphael (aka Willie Nelson’s harmonica player).  He has also played guitar and done voice-overs for commercials and was the rhythm guitarist for "Comin' Up Country," a three part summer replacement TV show for CBC-TV.

For the past 20 years, Ted has shared his music as a Music Therapist, performing songwriter and guitar teacher, and he has performed at retirement communities all over the Delaware Valley, for example at The Quadrangle, Shannondell, Peter Becker Community, Pennswood Village, etc.

Ted performing one of his originals
Ain't It Confusin'

Ted at Little Flower Manor on November 17, 2017:

Ted was wonderful. He’s such a gentle man! The residents really enjoyed the show and Ted introduced himself to all the residents after the show. Thank you so much.

Eve Freberge
Social Worker
Gift of a Day Organizer
Crossroads Hospice

Ted at Waverly Heights on August 11, 2015:

Just talked to the Dining Services Manager who was in charge of the [country/western] theme night. He said everyone really liked Ted’s choice of music, and people were clapping, even dancing in place!

Jayne Ingram
Waverly Heights, Gladwyne, PA

Resident comments from Ted’s show at Holy Redeemer Lafayette on August 22, 2015:

I knew every song you sang.

You have a wonderful voice.  It’s so relaxing.  I hate screamers.

Yes, they did enjoy his performance, some actually went up towards the stage and sang with him as he performed.  He will be coming back to our community for another performance. 

Kathy Cesario
Freedom Village Brandywine

Some quotes from other retirement community residents:

You fill up the empty space inside of us!

You sing all the songs I know.

You made my day!

You have such a wonderful voice!

Please don't forget to come back.

I just love to hear you sing!

You’ve got a voice like old wine!

You were great today, as usual!

You get better and better. You bring out those old songs that mean so much.

I love the way you blend the guitar with the vocals!


Ted Jordan is a delightful performer, who can play guitar with the best of them.  He's so flexible, he can play with anybody, play anything and make it sound good.  He knows every song ever written (it seems!).  And you can tell from his performance that he is a nice guy, a good person, with a lot of soul.   I love Ted Jordan!!!! 
Phyllis Chapell
Whirled Music

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  1. Hi Ted , my name is John Stewart and I received guitar lessons from you in Halifax , Nova Scotia around the mid 70's.
    Although I did not pursue a professional music career, I have, over the years continued to learn and play guitar .
    Gigging in bands and playing solo with many different musicians for variety shows , family events and church fundraisers .I have even taught guitar and music theory to many beginners, young and old, using the method of teaching I learned from you .That is, keeping the fun and enthusiasm in learning by teaching the songs students wanted to learn . I often refer to you in this way .
    I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift of music you helped to give me .Music has been more than self therapy for me over the years and I could not imagine a world without it.
    I hope this message finds you safe in these unprecedented times , as a musician , I can only hope you are managing to survive financially.
    If you ever happen to be in Halifax in the future , please let me know, would love to see and hear you play in person again . if I am in your area, I will look you you up as well .
    Please take care and thank you again, for sharing you wonderful talent and gift of music ,
    Sincerely, John


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