Andrea Green - Award-winning Musician and Music Therapist

 Andrea Green

Pianist - Vocalist - Composer

Andrea Green is an Emmy award-winning

musician and music therapist.  

Emmy for The Other Side of the Fence

Andrea and Videographer Henry Nevison receiving Emmy

For 35 years she has worked with a wide range of adults and children individually and in groups using music as a vehicle to meet therapeutic objectives, including to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, to amplify one’s creativity, emotional expression, physical activity and improve communication between patients, their caregivers, and others in their life.

Andrea singing at the Mount Airy Art Garage on July 11, 2023

Andrea Green was awarded the 2019 Grand Prize 'Exceptional Teacher as Hero Award" from the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.  This honor is given to an educator who leverages their excellence in teaching to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Andrea also offers one-hour concerts which will lift your residents' spirits and get them moving and singing along.

Andrea at a Philadelphia-area retirement community

Andrea offers Music Therapy for large and small groups and individually:

- Therapeutic Sing-a-long

- Music and Memory 

- Socialization with Music

- Passive/Active Listening

- Movement/Dance and Music

- Instrumental Improvisation  

Music Therapy by Andrea creates enormous benefits for your clients.  Music therapy can lessen pain, ease anxiety and promote relaxation and sleep.  It promotes feelings of well-being and peace and fosters interaction & communication  It unites people and provides a sense of community.  It even lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and has a calming physical effect and more!

Andrea composed On the Other Side of the Fence which won the Gold Medal from the 2015 NY International Film Festival!

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