Front Porch Swing - Beth Mead and John Catterall

 Front Porch Swing

Beth Mead and John Catterall

Beth and John

Front Porch Swing, Beth Mead and John Catterall, demonstrate a kind of classic country music sound for the discriminating listener. Their vocal harmonies bring to life such classics as The Tennessee Waltz and some Hank Williams, as well as sounds of the Western Swing and cowboy era.

The interplay of banjo , guitar, mandolin and fiddle (only two at a time) accompanying heartfelt vocals recreates a moment of musical Americana magic. You can expect a wink, a rakishly tilted Stetson and a yodel or two.

Beth and John played Crossing Vineyards Winery in Washington’s Crossing, Bucks County!
They look a bit flushed, don't they?

Beth and John will bring great instrumental and vocal duets for your listening pleasure.  We cover many styles and eras including American Songbook classics of the 20s and 30s, some bluegrass and Western swing favorites as well as a few from Hawaii.

Beth Mead and John Catterall perform on 4 and 5 string banjo, guitars  concert ukulele and banjo-uke!  Don’ t be too surprised if a kazoo makes an appearance.

They do a fabulous love songs show _ Heartstrings and Harmonies.

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