Sarah and the Arrows

 Sarah and the Arrows

Sarah and the Arrows
(from left - Wendy Fuhr,
Sarah Napolitan,
Lee Vuotto and Stacy Weathers)

Sarah and the Arrows emerged out of mutual and musical admiration between friends who were fortunate enough to overlap in the folk circles of Philadelphia, PA.  Sarah and the Arrows includes Sarah Napolitan on the guitar, Stacy Weathers on the banjo, Lee Vuotto on the bass, and Wendy Fuhr on fiddle. The group predominantly plays the original songs of Sarah Napolitan, as well as some by Stacy Weathers. The group also enjoys covering a wide variety of songs known well in contemporary, folk, and country circles.

When Doves Cry performed at Lansdowne Folk Club

Sarah NapolitanSarah’s grandmother Hazel handed her down the Epiphone she’d bought secondhand after World War II in hopes that her granddaughter would learn to play Janis Joplin’s ‘Bobby McGee’. Sarah had been crafting poetry about the natural world and life events since early elementary school, and had been singing raucous show tunes with her father or making up songs on too long road trips

with her family as a young thing. With the guitar in her hands, all of these pieces of creative expression were molded together, and Sarah began writing songs. Armed with an ancient four track and an arsenal of borrowed instruments, Sarah created her first album, Scrapeless and Nameless and True (1999), in her basement during her junior year of high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Stacy Weathers- Inspired by a wandering banjo player in the early hours of the morning at her first Philadelphia Folk Festival when she was sixteen years old, Stacy decided that one day she too wanted to be able to play lonesome banjo tunes under the night sky. Since that time, Stacy has been exploring the possibilities of both clawhammer and finger picking techniques on the banjo. She developed her style from participating in the Philadelphia old-time, bluegrass and folk communities, and from her travels in Europe, the Middle East, and Central America. Stacy’s past musical projects include playing in the traditional folk music band Cruel Sister, performing at children’s religious services, recording with local singer songwriters, and playing with the old-time band Stolen Thyme.  She also plays with Kicking Down Doors, Yonder Hearts, Meghan Cary with Analog Gypsies, and The Spiritual Window Shoppers. When not playing banjo, Stacy is a teacher, writer, and parent who enjoys immersing her children in the music festival culture.

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