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The Big Ocean in The Sky!

Jerry “Crabmeat” Thompson, a Middletown, DE resident, has played and sung folk and original songs in comedy clubs, schools, libraries, halls and pubs with Kate Wolfe, Richie Havens, poet Charles Bukowski, and Roscoe the Wonder Horse.  Crabmeat will be Gaslight's Delaware venue specialist.
The Delaware State Arts Council has recognized his “artistic excellence,” and he honed his skills at Camp Copperhead, near Woodstock, with renowned songwriter Steve Earle.  His song “Small Wonder” about Delaware made it into a Mel Bay book.

He tutors English as a Second Language at the University of Delaware's English Language Institute, speaks Spanish, and has worked with the US Department of Agriculture’s Migrant
Education program in southern Delaware.  He taught English at Oregon State University and in prison.  He wrote a book about Chinese-Americans.  With his wife Janice (aka Crabcake) he teaches English in Spain.

Discography on CD BabyAmazon, and iTunes:

Animals, Vegetables, and Mineral Springs

Spiritual Beer  

Save the Bays

Down on the Ant Farm


Shop Until You Drop

South of the Moon

Crabmeat for Kids   

Birthday Trampoline

“Crabmeat has a wide repertoire of songs, ranging from comments on the environment to political topics to material based on his travels or his career as a college teacher, all done with his trademark sense of humor.  In addition, his musicianship on guitar, voice, and other instruments is superb and he always develops a rapport with any audience.  Crabmeat Thompson is an excellent performer!”

Mark Ellis, WVUD FM

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